The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) documentation, submitted on 10th September 2013, is available for download here

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline in Italy

Your questions answered on pipeline project

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline project (otherwise known as TAP) is planning to realize a new about 870km long pipeline to import natural gas from the Caspian region to Europe, coming ashore in Lecce Province, southern Italy (San Foca, hamlet near Melendugno). The Italian section of the pipeline has the length of 8.2 km onshore.

We recognise that residents in the area of Lecce and in Puglia have many questions about TAP and we would like to give you as much information about Trans Adriatic Pipeline as possible.

Currently, TAP is still in the early planning stage, collecting necessary approvals and the Environmental Impact Assessment's investigation was submitted on 10th September 2013. TAP has been chosen on June 2013, by the gas producer (Shah Deniz consortium in Azerbaijan) as the best natural gas transportation route to Italy.

TAP is the project for the realization of a safe pipeline, buried underground at a minimum depth of 1.5 m. and for that never visible to the eye. TAP is committed to minimising any possible impacts on the environment  and in involving local people, from the Salento and Lecce Province, during the authorization process. In fact it is foreseen by EIA legislation that anyone with an interest in the project can submit, within 60 days following the delivery of the documents, their comments in writing to the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.

The realization of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline won't entail the industrialization of the area and therefore won't change its beautiful landscape.

We are committed to keep an open dialogue with the local people, as we know that the project will not succeed if we do not have the trust of people living in the interested communities. It is our goal to explain that TAP is an opportunity for everyone in this area.

To learn more, please, use this web-site: you will be able to select the relevant topic in the navigation or ask questions.

As we are still developing the project, some facts and figures on the pipeline slightly change over time. We will do our best to bring you the most updated information. Visit often to follow latest news on the project.

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